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Dragon NameTypeEggDragonElementSupposed Elements/InfoTime 100%Time 80%Time 70 %
AbyssnormaleggdragonWMEL   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
AfronormaleggdragonLF   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
Albinorareeggdragonalbino_flagCIGS13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Amethystgemeggdragongem_flagLight   +   Wave1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
Angelrareeggdragonangel_flagFLWG12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
Aquamarinegemeggdragongem_flagBlizzard   +   Ifrit14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
AquariumnormaleggdragonWTGM   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
ArmadillonormaleggdragonMILE   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
ArmornormaleggdragonGWCE   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
AshnormaleggdragonFLW   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Aurorarareeggdragonaurora_flagFLW11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
AutumnnormaleggdragonTFI   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
BalletnormaleggdragonFCGI   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
BeardednormaleggdragonTFEL   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Beastrareeggdragonbeast_flagEFCS14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
BlizzardnormaleggdragonCIL   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
BombnormaleggdragonSELW   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
BreezenormaleggdragonETG   11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
Buddyrareeggdragonbuddy_flagEFGS1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
BuffalonormaleggdragonELF   16h  0m12h  48m11h  12m
ButterflynormaleggdragonTFE   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Buttonrareeggdragonbutton_flagTMGS14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Candyrareeggdragoncandy_flagEFGS1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
CaptainnormaleggdragonIT   7h  0m5h  36m4h  54m
Carnivalrareeggdragoncarnival_flagFIMG13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
CarolnormaleggdragonTEI   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
CavernnormaleggdragonCESW   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Cerberosrareeggdragoncerberos_flagEFLS13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
ChameleonnormaleggdragonTSFM   11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
Cherry Blossomsrareeggdragoncherryblossoms_flagTEFW1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
ChocolatnormaleggdragonEWI   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Chromerareeggdragonchrome_flagTEFM14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Chronosrareeggdragonchronos_flagFCLM16h  0m12h  48m11h  12m
Cinnamorollrare,expiredeggdragoncinnamoroll_flaglimited and expired0m0m0m
ClamnormaleggdragonWCI   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
CloudnormaleggdragonWL   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
ClovernormaleggdragonFGEW   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
ColdnormaleggdragonC   2h  0m1h  36m1h  24m
Cold-bloodednormaleggdragonSMCI   11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
ConchnormaleggdragonWE   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
CoralnormaleggdragonTW   6h  0m4h  48m4h  12m
CowboynormaleggdragonFCME   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Craterrareeggdragoncrater_flagEFLI12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
CrystalnormaleggdragonCEI   9h  0m7h  12m6h  18m
Cupidrareeggdragoncupid_flagFIGS13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Dark Elfrareeggdragondarkelf_flagFCLM16h  0m12h  48m11h  12m
Diamondgemeggdragongem_flagMoonlight   +   Sunlight23h  30m18h  48m16h  27m
DisconormaleggdragonEIF   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
DraculanormaleggdragonSIFC   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
EarthnormaleggdragonE   40m32m28m
Elf-firerareeggdragonelffire_flagFCLW11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
Emperorrareeggdragonemperor_flagTFCL1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
Empressrareeggdragonempress_flagTECS1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
EvergreennormaleggdragonMT   11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
ExplorationnormaleggdragonMWEI   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
FairynormaleggdragonTF   2h  0m1h  36m1h  24m
FancynormaleggdragonCLF   11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
FirenormaleggdragonF   50m40m35m
FireflynormaleggdragonFT   3h  0m2h  24m2h  6m
FireroadnormaleggdragonFEIT   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
FlamingonormaleggdragonIF   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
FloranormaleggdragonICGT   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
FlowernormaleggdragonFI   7h  0m5h  36m4h  54m
Foggyrareeggdragonfoggy_flagEIWS1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
ForestnormaleggdragonTES   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
GanachenormaleggdragonFGS   23h  0m18h  24m16h  6m
Garnetgemeggdragongem_flagcan only be bought0m0m0m
GeneralnormaleggdragonMIFE   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Genierareeggdragongenie_flagLIMS13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Giant Hornrareeggdragonghorn_flagEFIS16h  0m12h  48m11h  12m
GlobenormaleggdragonEMWT   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
GodmothernormaleggdragonIFT   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
Guardianrareeggdragonguardian_flagEFLW1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
Hadesepiceggdragonepic_flagacquire with medals3d  0h  0m2d  9h  36m2d  2h  24m
HalloweennormaleggdragonELC   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
Halloween Kidrareeggdragonhalloweenkid_flagTLWM12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
HarmonynormaleggdragonSWF   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
HedgehognormaleggdragonFL   11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
Hello Kittyrare,expiredeggdragonhellokitty_flaglimited and expired0m0m0m
HolidaynormaleggdragonCFEL   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
Hookrareeggdragonhook_flagFCWM14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
HuskynormaleggdragonCEGL   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
IciclenormaleggdragonCWL   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
Icy Venusrareeggdragonvenus_flagFIWG13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
IfritnormaleggdragonFEM   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
Imprareeggdragonimp_flagFCMS14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Infernorareeggdragoninferno_flagFCLI21h  0m16h  48m14h  42m
JellynormaleggdragonWTFS   11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
Kairosrareeggdragonkairos_flagTELW1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
Kuromirare,expiredeggdragonkuromi_flaglimited and expired0m0m0m
La CatrinanormaleggdragonTIC   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
LakenormaleggdragonEW   9h  0m7h  12m6h  18m
LasernormaleggdragonLIE   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
LibertynormaleggdragonITF   9h  0m7h  12m6h  18m
LightnormaleggdragonG   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
LightningnormaleggdragonL   4h  0m3h  12m2h  48m
Little DraculanormaleggdragonSTFL   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Little Hoodrareeggdragonhood_flagTLIG14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Little KnightnormaleggdragonMEGW   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
Little Spookrareeggdragonspook_flagFCIG14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Lotusrareeggdragonlotus_flagTFIW13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Lucky Bagrareeggdragonluckybag_flagLMGS1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
MagmanormaleggdragonEF   3h  30m2h  48m2h  27m
MantisnormaleggdragonTGME   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
MarinenormaleggdragonWCG   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
MeerkatnormaleggdragonTL   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
MerdragonnormaleggdragonWITC   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
MetalnormaleggdragonM   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
Metal LightningnormaleggdragonMLG   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Metal MountainnormaleggdragonMCE   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Milky Wayrareeggdragonmilkyway_flagFLIW11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
Mimmy Whiterare,expiredeggdragonmimmywhite_flaglimited and expired0m0m0m
MistnormaleggdragonFC   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
Moldrareeggdragonmold_flagTEWS16h  0m12h  48m11h  12m
MonkeynormaleggdragonELG   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
MoonlightnormaleggdragonTL   6h  0m4h  48m4h  12m
MossnormaleggdragonTWI   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
MountainnormaleggdragonCE   5h  0m4h  0m3h  30m
Mountain GoatnormaleggdragonSET   16h  0m12h  48m11h  12m
My Melodyrare,expiredeggdragonmymelody_flaglimited and expired0m0m0m
NeronormaleggdragonCWI   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
NightmarenormaleggdragonSWCI   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Nine-tailed FoxnormaleggdragonGSI   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
NorthwindnormaleggdragonLMCS   11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
Odd-eyednormaleggdragonIW   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
OilnormaleggdragonFEST   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Oneirusrareeggdragononeirus_flagCLWS13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Opalgemeggdragongem_flagLake   +   Sunlight13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
OrientalnormaleggdragonIFGT   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Ouroborosrareeggdragonouroboros_flagELWM13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Owlrareeggdragonowl_flagTCIM13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Panrareeggdragonpan_flagTECL12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
Pearlgemeggdragongem_flagIcicle   +   Thunder13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Pegasusrareeggdragonpegasus_flagLIMG13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Peridotgemeggdragongem_flagEvergreen   +   Sandstorm13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
PhoenixnormaleggdragonFGLE   16h  0m12h  48m11h  12m
PineapplenormaleggdragonTIS   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Piraterareeggdragonpirate_flagCIWG14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Pitayarareeggdragonpitaya_flagTFLM13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
PoisonnormaleggdragonMTF   11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
Poseidonepiceggdragonepic_flagacquire with medals3d  0h  0m2d  9h  36m2d  2h  24m
Puffy SheepnormaleggdragonCEL   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
RadnormaleggdragonFMI   7h  0m5h  36m4h  54m
RafflesianormaleggdragonGWE   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Rainbowrareeggdragonrainbow_flagTEIW14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
RascalnormaleggdragonMIW   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
RippernormaleggdragonTWF   11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
RoadrunnernormaleggdragonFCL   11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
RosenormaleggdragonTE   1h  40m1h  20m1h  10m
Rubygemeggdragongem_flagMoonlight   +   Coral13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
SandstormnormaleggdragonFL   6h  0m4h  48m4h  12m
SantaFairynormaleggdragonCGIT   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
Sapphiregemeggdragongem_flagUmbrella   +   Thunder12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
ScroogenormaleggdragonFLIW   23h  0m18h  24m16h  6m
SeaweednormaleggdragonWTL   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
ShadownormaleggdragonS   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
SharknormaleggdragonWMC   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
SnowflakenormaleggdragonCWS   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
SparklenormaleggdragonTML   7h  0m5h  36m4h  54m
Specterrareeggdragonspecter_flagTFW11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
Spider QueennormaleggdragonSIEC   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
SpikynormaleggdragonCF   9h  0m7h  12m6h  18m
SproutnormaleggdragonTEG   1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
SteamnormaleggdragonMCFI   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
StonenormaleggdragonLE   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
StrawberrynormaleggdragonFEI   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
SunflowernormaleggdragonGWIT   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
SunlightnormaleggdragonEWT   1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
SunrisenormaleggdragonFCGM   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
SurveillantnormaleggdragonSMWC   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
ThundernormaleggdragonLTF   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Tinker BellnormaleggdragonMITL   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
TinynormaleggdragonTEF   9h  0m7h  12m6h  18m
Tornadorareeggdragontornado_flagLIWG14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
ToynormaleggdragonLTF   12h  0m9h  36m8h  24m
TreenormaleggdragonT   5m4m4m
Trick or TreatnormaleggdragonFLC   11h  0m8h  48m7h  42m
Tricksterrareeggdragontrickster_flagFIMS13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Trinityrareeggdragontrinity_flagTEIG1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
Tuliprareeggdragontulip_flagTEWG1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
Turquoisegemeggdragongem_flagConch   +   Afro23h  30m18h  48m16h  27m
TurtlenormaleggdragonEWFS   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
UmbrellanormaleggdragonWT   8h  0m6h  24m5h  36m
VacuitynormaleggdragonSICT   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
VikingnormaleggdragonSITW   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Volcanorareeggdragonvolcano_flagEFW14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
WaternormaleggdragonW   6h  0m4h  48m4h  12m
Waterstormrareeggdragonwaterstorm_flagCIWM14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
WavenormaleggdragonWSI   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
WhiteTigernormaleggdragonCGES   14h  30m11h  36m10h  9m
WhooshynormaleggdragonGTFM   13h  0m10h  24m9h  6m
Wild FlowernormaleggdragonEI   6h  0m4h  48m4h  12m
WindnormaleggdragonI   7h  0m5h  36m4h  54m
Winter Treerareeggdragonwintertree_flagTIWS1d  0h  0m19h  12m16h  48m
WoollynormaleggdragonET   1h  30m1h  12m1h  3m
Zeusepiceggdragonepic_flagacquire with medals3d  0h  0m2d  9h  36m2d  2h  24m

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2018 Jan 25OrientalGodmother/Liberty/Autumn + Light
2018 Jan 25HuskyMountain + Monkey
2017 Dec 21SantafairyLight + La Catrina, Flora + Tree
2017 Dec 21WhitetigerEarth + Albino, Crystal + 9-tailed Fox
2017 Nov 30FireroadRose + Flamingo
2017 Nov 30TurtleEarth + Harmony
2017 Nov 09GlobeConch + Evergreen
2017 Nov 09VacuityShadow + LaCatrina, Pineapple + Cold
2017 Sep 28Exploration1) Earth + Rascal, 2) Metal + Chocolat
2017 Sep 28OilFire + Forest
2017 Sep 14CavernSnowflake + Earth
2017 Sep 07BeardedWoolly + Sandstorm
2017 Aug 31BalletFire + Little Spook
2017 Aug 17CowboyIfrit + Cold
2017 Aug 10SunriseGanache + Imp
2017 Jul 27FloraLight + La Catrina
2017 Jul 06Spider QueenCrystal + Shadow
2017 Jun 29VikingTree + Wave
2017 Jun 22ArmadilloLaser + Metal
2017 Jun 08GeneralMetal + Disco, Earth + Rad
2017 Jun 01Giant HornStrawberry + Shadow
2017 May 25ChameleonPoison + Shadow
2017 May 11MantisBreeze + Metal
2017 Apr 27MoldForest + Water
2017 Apr 13PhoenixFire + Monkey, Buffalo + Light
2017 Apr 06Clover Fire + Rafflesia
2017 Mar 30Nightmare Clam + Shadow
2017 Mar 23Button Evergreen + 9-tailed fox
2017 Mar 09Cerberos Buffalo + Shadow
2017 Mar 02Cold-blooded Metal + Albino
2017 Feb 23Jelly Harmony + Tree
2017 Feb 09Aquarium Evergreen + Marine
2017 Feb 02WaterStorm Clam + Metal, Cold + Rascal
2017 Jan 26Northwind 1)Cold + Genie, 2)Cold + LuckyBag
2017 Jan 19Surveillant Shark+Shadow
2017 Jan 05Carnival 1)Rad + Light, 2)Metal/Rascal + Icy Venus
2016 Dec 22Icy Venus Harmony + Nine-tailed fox
2016 Dec 15Armor Earth + Marine
2016 Dec 01Albino Cold + Nine-tailed fox
2016 Nov 24Little Hood Moonlight + Nine-tailed Fox
2016 Nov 17Little Knight Metal + Rafflesia
2016 Nov 03Little Dracula Shadow + Thunder/Toy
2016 Oct 27Dracula Mist + Nine-tailed Fox
2016 Oct 20Tinker Bell Sparkle + Wind
2016 Oct 06Beast Mist + Candy/Buddy
2016 Sep 29Whooshy Light + Poison
2016 Sep 13Little Spook Light + Steam
2016 Sep 08Trickster 1)Shadow + Rad, 2)Metal + Cupid
2016 Aug 25Bomb Abyss + Shadow
2016 Aug 18Trinity Breeze + Wind
2016 Aug 04Imp Harmony + Shark
2016 Jul 28Hook Shark + Fire
2016 Jul 07Pan Moonlight + Mountain
2016 Jun 23Genie Wind + Lucky Bag
2016 Jun 09Sunflower Light + Moss
2016 Jun 02Metal Lightning Metal + Lucky Bag, Wind + Pegasus
2016 May 26Zeus (Medals)

Viking Dragon + Shadow DragonGuardian Dragon
Light Dragon + Aquarium DragonGuardian Dragon
Light Dragon + Armor DragonGuardian Dragon
Water Dragon + Waterstorm DragonGuardian Dragon
Metal Dragon + Little Knight DragonGuardian Dragon
Surveillant Dragon + Aquarium DragonGuardian Dragon
Snowflake Dragon + Aquarium DragonGuardian Dragon
Clover Dragon + Earth DragonGuardian Dragon
Shadow Dragon + Metal Lightning DragonCupid Dragon
Oneirus Dragon + Surveillant DragonGuardian Dragon
Icy Venus Dragon + Light DragonGuardian Dragon
fire element + shadow elementCupid Dragon
fire element + water elementWind Dragon