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Dragon Connector is a utility for players of the game "Dragon Friends: Green Witch" from InnoSpark, Inc.
I'm only a fan, I have no insight in the affairs of InnoSpark, Inc. All pictures on this site are property of InnoSpark, Inc.

Before I started playing "Dragon Friends" I've played another dragon breeding game for which a utility like this existed. When starting to play DF, I missed this utility so much that I decided to rebuild its functionality for DF.
So ultimate thanks go to r0b0tron for the basic concept idea.

How to use Dragon Connector

In the Dragon Connector you can input two dragon types, simulating a breeding. It then shows you all possible results with their breeding times.
If you have upgraded your breeding garden and benefit from a reduction of the breeding time, simply click on 20% reduced or 30% reduced, whatever you have. If you haven't upgraded it yet, just stick to the 100%.
Seasonal dragons that are in season are shown with a green border around the dragon name. However if you'd like to know which other dragons might - at other times - be a possible outcome of your breeding combination click on the checkbox "incl. all seasonal dragons", and all possible seasonal dragons will be shown too. Dragons out of season are shown with a red border around the dragon name.
There might be times when a dragon gets in season again and I haven't updated this site in time. Then this checkbox offers the opportunity to include the seasonal dragon in the results. ;)

How to use Parent Finder

The Parent Finder is the opposite utility to the Dragon Connector.
In the Parent Finder you specify one to three dragons that you want to breed and it then shows you - if existing - the possible combinations to get to those results.
Possible pairs of dragons are shown in a table. The table has a heading that shows the dragons, you are searching for. If one of the dragon names is red, then that dragon is a seasonal dragon that is not in season at the moment.
If you have yet one dragon of a specific kind and are looking for a second one, check the checkbox "include wanted dragons". The dragons you are looking for then will be shown in the parents list,too.
As for the elements of rare dragons being not known for sure at this time, you have the ability to exclude rare dragons from the parent list. This is done by not checking "include rare dragons".
The last checkbox that this site offers is "include seasonals for average time". The possible parents are listed with the amount of possible results and average time.  If you check the seasonal checkbox, seasonal dragons that momentarily are out of season will be included in the possible results, otherwise not.
And a last tip for the Parent Finder : each listed parent combination is a link that will bring you back to the Dragon Connector (with those parents selected).

Dagon List

The Dragon List shows a list of all dragons with type, pictures, elements and breeding times. It's sortable for names, types and times : just click in the header column.
Dragons with a red background are seasonal, dragons with a green background are seasonal but actually active.

Problems and how you can help

While the breeding rules for the "normal" dragons are clear, the elements and breeding rules of "rare" dragons aren't.
When a new rare dragon comes out, I try to guess the elements from the combo (if any) that is suggested. This is where you can help.
If you have bred the new dragon with another combination, please let me know. If you have the new dragon you can furtheron varify the elements it contributes with the daily quests.
Please contact me under dfc(at)leder-family.de or in-game. My player name is meeridrache. Please also inform me when you find an error (e.g. false breeding time, elements or picture or anything else ).
Finally a warning : there might be rare dragons with totally other breeding rules, such as "fire + any other element" or "at least three different elements".
As of now we don't know it for sure. This is just a start to get behind it. So don't take it for unbudgeable when your wanted rare dragon is listed as a result in the Dragon Connector.
It could be a mistake on my behalf.


Thanks go to a lot of players who provide me with information about the elements of rare dragons,
especially to Sadiniel, JuMa639, KillerWaffle, Rwwrptor, Rofocale, Bean1 and Hasenpfote.

last Update : 2018 Jan 25, Husky Dragon + Oriental Dragon new
recommended combination for Husky Dragon : Mountain + Monkey
recommended combination for Oriental Dragon : Godmother/Liberty/Autumn + Light


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